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Congregation Aish Tamid of Los Angeles | Barak Raviv Foundation

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About Congregation Aish Tamid of Los Angeles

Aish Tamid Los Angeles (Hebrew for perpetual fire of Los Angeles) began in late 2001, with the inspiration coming from one phone call. Designed to inspire youth and promote self confidence and purpose, Aish Tamid believes in the value of each program participant.

Their comprehensive and seamless programs reach youth where they are at with religious, educational, career, mental health and substance abuse counseling programs. Each program and service is designed to service high school students, post-high school students, their parents and the community.

It has been successfully delivering targeted informal Jewish education, career guidance and personal support in a non-judgmental and comfortable setting for hundreds of teens and young adults between the ages of 14-28 years old. By working in partnership with community leaders, rabbis, social workers, educators and other experienced professionals, all of the innovative Aish Tamid programs and services have been carefully designed to provide effective intervention, guidance and inspiration to all participants

Recognition: Aric & Sabrina Zamel