About Us

The Barak Raviv Foundation is dedicated to assisting the less-privileged both locally and around the world. By working with existing organizations on the ground, the Foundation advocates the ancient Jewish axiom of “Tikkun Olam,” or Healing the World. We seek to promote the work of organizations that share our values, our goals and our commitment. The Foundation promotes a better standard of living, a responsible environment, and opportunities for youth. Self-sustenance in developing countries, educational scholarships to minorities, micro-loans in emerging economies, and the pursuits of medical research are a few of our core values.

Our Mission

A fundamental challenge facing every society is to create programs that promote peace, human welfare and the sustainability of the environment on which life depends. The Foundation’s philosophy is based on the virtue of giving back more than one has received, and it advocates service, education, tolerance, and hope.

Our Goals and Objectives

We believe that finding solutions to the world’s most complex problems requires engaging the people and the communities closest to them. This approach also describes a model of philanthropy that the Barak Raviv Foundation has pursued since its inception: to be a committed partner with innovative leaders on the front lines of human advancement. We encourage volunteerism and offer opportunities to get involved. To focus our efforts, the Barak Raviv Foundation’s mission is organized into 11 primary causes supporting over 80 charities. These causes are grounded in our objectives and will be familiar to our supporters. We work openly with our partner charities, seeking the best ideas for new projects and learning how our funds translate into progress. our primary objectives are to reduce poverty, provide medical assistance where it is needed most, respond to natural emergencies, combat hunger and homelessness, and support medical research in the fights against cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, ALS, Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

Our Approach to Grant Making

The Barak Raviv Foundation makes grants to develop new ideas and strengthen organizations that reduce poverty and suffering while promoting shared values, international cooperation and human achievement. To achieve these goals, we take varied approaches to our work, including supporting existing programs, expanding our networks, sponsoring education and fostering efficient subsidies. In making grants, we set benchmarks to measure success and monitor progress to ensure that goals are being met. We enjoy supporting charities that have proven their ability to improve lives. These methods of problem-solving reflect our values and the diverse ways in which we support grantees.

“If I am not for myself, then who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, then what am I? And if not now, when?

– Aphorism by Rabbi Hillel (Ethics of the Fathers 1:14)

Who We Are | Barak Raviv Foundation
Who We Are | Barak Raviv Foundation
Who We Are | Barak Raviv Foundation