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About Motion Picture & Television Fund

The Motion Picture & Television Fund was created by such industry luminaries as Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith, who realized the need for reaching out to those in the entertainment industry who fell upon hard times. It was founded with a benevolent spirit intent on providing assistance to those in the motion picture industry who were in need.

Going far beyond traditional health care, MPTF offers a continuum of care for the very young to the elderly by providing quality healthcare, child care, residential living and care for older adults, as well as social and charitable services. MPTF is not just a place to call when you’re ready to retire. It is an energetic community of caring that reflects the vitality of the industry it serves.

The MPFT’s mission is to enrich the lives of people in the Southern California entertainment community by continuously evolving to meet their health and human services needs. It is dedicated to offering programs and charitable services which are provided with compassion and respect for the dignity of the whole person.

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